Saturday, September 27, 2014

Invastion...call out the National Guard

Colorado was invaded this weekend! I know it's hard to believe but it's true. I believe they'll be around for another day or two, so let's mobilize.

I can't help but believe that Colorado's scenic Fall colors are what inspired the invasion of the Tenkara Summit. I went up to Boulder Creek yesterday and it was horrifying to see a handful of fly fisherman chased off the water by these aliens wielding long sticks with some type of string hanging off the end. I was lucky to escape without falling under their spell.

When they were done scattering real fly fishers off the water they were seen emptying the creek of all manner of trout. It was heartbreaking to see...aliens who can fish with the best of us. In all fairness, the fish were returned to the water but I'm sure they'll no longer be catchable or good to eat if you're so lucky to catch one.

I have to warn you that when they are not invading local waters, they can be found eating, drinking and looking just like us. As a matter of fact you might keep an eye out for Tankara Mike, Daniel G., the apparent leader, Grasshopper Moran and Kabari Karel.  They look amazingly like some people we all know and love.

Obviously I'm poking a little good natured fun at some buddies of mine that are here with the Tenkara world to sample Colorado hospitality, beautiful fall colors and wonderful fishing.  Welcome to Colorado Tenkara fishermen and women. Enjoy your stay and please leave some fish for us.

On second thought...maybe Tenkara really isn't too bad.