Saturday, April 12, 2014

My second favorite way to spend the day

I'd say that if you can't be on the water, the next best thing is being in a fly shop. That's exactly where I was today. I hung out for awhile at Front Range Anglers in Boulder. The occasion was their Customer Appreciation Day.

And boy, did I feel appreciated! Free bbq and beer, lots of rods to toss and book signings with Al Ritt, John Barr, John Gierach and AK Best.

First I'll mention that this was the first time I had been to Front Range Anglers since they moved from their old location several years ago. I was pretty impressed with the layout of the store and their selection of fly fishing goods. I was certainly impressed by their ability to have a party and their guest list.

A glance inside of Front Range Anglers

My buddy Mark talking to a helpful employee

Well known fly tier and author Al Ritt

Outside, eating, drinking and casting some rods

Mark talking to the Redington rep.

Some old dude casting the Butterstick

Mark helping a fly casting newbie

Moe's BBQ

Enjoying the scenery

AK Best making his appearance

Thanks to Front Range Anglers for a good time!