Monday, November 30, 2015

A little bit of everything

I trust everyone had a good Thanksgiving, been beat up by the black Friday crowds and have your Christmas lights hung by the chimney with care.  To add to my holiday weekend was the victory of the Denver Broncos over the dreaded New England Patriots.  Now it's back to business as usual until Christmas.

I don't very often brag on my wife, but besides making a terrific Thanksgiving dinner for her family, she also makes a mean from scratch turkey soup with matzo balls.  For those of your who are uninitiated, here is the definition from Wikipedia. Matzah balls (Yiddish; are an Ashkenazi Jewish soup dumpling made from a mixture of matzah meal, eggs, water and a fat such as oil, margarine or chicken fat.  Matzah balls are traditionally served in chicken soup.                                                         The weather here was bitter cold for about a week, so hot matzo soup really hit the spot.  

I really didn't do too much over the long weekend except play around writing, doing some fairly unspectacular photography (indoors) and checking out leads on catalogs and other fly fishing gear.  I found a catalog that I thought was pretty interesting.  The date is 1940-1941!

 I also made a little light box out of a cardboard box to shoot some photos of my reels.  Here I need a little more practice but a couple turned out okay.

Hopefully a little nicer camera and practice will mean better photos for all of us to enjoy.

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