Thursday, September 18, 2014

Spring cleaning in September?

I've been working like crazy doing some Spring cleaning around here.  Maybe you've noticed some changes. In an attempt at making the place a little cozier, I've been rearranging the furniture, vacuuming up the dust  and spiffing up.

I hope that by doing this, you'll feel more comfortable and stick around a bit longer. I'm trying to figure out how to install a full service bar...I'll keep you posted on that.

I've added a few new tabs up top. The first one is a link to Josh Rickard's Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park videos on Youtube.  A lot of people make fishing RMNP a priority when they come to Colorado. Let Josh show you around through his beautiful videos.

The next change is a link to Windknots Facebook page.  I understand if you don't do Facebook, but there's a lot going on that I hate to see my friends here miss out on. Lots of great fish photography from wonderfully talented people, news about fly fishing events and contests and giveaways from companies that we all know and love. The link will take you directly to Windknots & Tangled Lines on Facebook. If you want to comment or post something, you will need to sign in.

I receive a lot of feedback from folks asking questions about Wright & Mcgill glass fly rods, Orvis fly reels or just fishing information from Colorado.  The third new tab is a contact me form to reach me directly if you have a question. Please feel free to communicate with me if you've got a question that I can help you answer.

A little bit about the layout.  I've gone from a 3 column format to a two column format simply to force myself into geting rid of clutter and hopefully make Windknots a little easier to read.  You'll notice that I've got a few companies listed on the right below the blogroll.  I don't generally advertise and don't get paid to post these company names. They are companies that I have done business with and highly recommend them as good. honest businesses that take care of their customers. (me and you!)

I'm looking forward to a little feedback to let me know if I'm on the right track. Feel free to make suggestions and thanks to everyone who follows along.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Haunted by waters

As a way of saying penance for my diatribe a few days ago, I went fishing to appease the fish gods. Since I'm not familiar with the practice, I don't know how long you have to wait to see if you're back in good graces,  but I didn't go to my usual places since I didn't want a hex on water I actually care about. So, I fished some ponds close to my house.  I caught a couple of small bluegill and not much else.

I did get a little closer look at the dam they're building across the street. I've always wondered where the water came from that usually kept it full. Now I have to also wonder where is the water that usually flows into the reservoir but isn't now, is.

Light bulbs lit up over my head and a puzzle got solved.  Once day shortly after we moved in to our house, the open space behind the house sprung a leak. I called the town government and reported it. When the dutiful public servant came to check things out, the first thing he said was, "We wondered who moved into the water house."

That got my attention and he continued, " that water that is pouring out of the ground is coming from your house."  Later after he left, I went downstairs and looked under the sump pump lid and I saw a small stream running under my house about 8 feet down. It wasn't but a few days later that strangers acting like old friends started showing up at the door asking if they could go fishing.  I thought certainly they had heard of my prowess with a fly rod, but I declined because I have a phobia against strangers who want to take me for a drive to the mountains "to fish."  Little did I know that it was at my house they wanted to fish.

All these years and 3 flooded basements later, we figured out how to make sure that the basement doesn't flood and just keeps on moving a new home.